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L'Angevine on Fall
oh superbe

Gareth on Mosque in central Istanbul
Wonderful shot!

nanne nicolai on My beloved daughter, Anna
A very nice portrait of your daughter. NANNE

nanne nicolai on Mosque in central Istanbul
Ziet er erg mooi uit! Beautiful! NANNE

omid on Mosque in central Istanbul
wow! very nice & wonderful! so beautiful frame, colors & lights!

Henrik Herskind on Barred owl
Thank you all for your nice comments!

Ruthiebear on Barred owl
Fabulous image!

Loner on Barred owl
A great shot of a fantastic owl !

marc on Barred owl
Nice shot,well captured.....

Soheil on Barred owl
Amazing and so well captured

Adela Fonts on Barred owl

omid on Barred owl
woooow! very nice & amazing!!!! so beautiful frame, focus & colors! Lovely!

FotoAnna ❀ on Barred owl
Beautiful owl and so well captured, Henrik! Greetings, Anna

Aubélia on Barred owl
This owl is beautiful! Have a nice day.

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Yes, I know very well these kinds of opinions. I often talk about them here and then, this without wanting in any way ...

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Exactly, I considered depth in a flat way to analyse it in stripes.

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Yes, the exact way of saying is "the horizontal stripes in the verticality".

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Composition can go in several ways as you know, here its dominance is its verticality, and the frame's partition ...

Curly on Farm house at the countryside of Zealand, Denmark
Yes, gently does it, and your result looks fine :-)

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Yes ! The composition is excellent, in the case you're pointing out, the vertical frame's partition.

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Very difficult to answer as I don't exactly understand the question ! :-)

Basile Pesso on One special sunset
A divine catch, in a super compo. Something not to be missed.

Basile Pesso on Skrea church, Halland, Sweden
The diagonal clouds, the church, the framing and the POV are superb.

Basile Pesso on Vintage American convertible
Perfection. I love your slight reflection, the composition, the framing, and the clouds just popping out on top of the ...

Basile Pesso on A field in Halland, Sweden
Vividness at its best, in very good POV and framing.

Basile Pesso on Spooky lady and the giant
The hand seriously enriches this nice speed composition, giving it something of an Agatha Christie's novel, making ...

Basile Pesso on Building blocks surrounding lonely flag pole
Fascinating compo, mood and excellent night shot quality.

Basile Pesso on Steering the ship
Excellent framing and composition, and once again, I see sadness here, but it's personal, maybe you don't ...

Basile Pesso on Reflections in a pizzabench
How to express sadness just by a sepia, a framing and some inscriptions that one can't really read. That's to ...

Basile Pesso on Mobile contemplation VI
Lovely mood and colors.

Basile Pesso on Swedish stream
Excellent. Totally my stuff.

Basile Pesso on Sunday at Ishoj Beach, Denmark
Very nice scene, I love the suspension of the ball.

uvaraj on Swedish stream
!!! *** Happy New Year :) *** !!!

Edith on Swedish stream
Hvis du kan godt lide at tage billeder... møde andre folk der gøre det også i ...

Susan on Swamp without ducks
The colors here are serene and otherworldly.

uvaraj on Swedish stream
Mysterious but nice :)

Nik on Swamp without ducks
There is something a little surreal about this shot. I like the verticals from the tree trunks and the different greens ...

Michael Fresh on Runners in the park
And you didn't join them.....?

RBL on Mobile contemplation V
Great action shot and frame.

Ana Lúcia on Mobile contemplation I
Beautiful moment.

MARIANA on Hogweed blooming by the water
BEautiful frame ;)

Roberta on Hogweed blooming by the water
I love this picture! Beautiful composition, great variety of different plants and amazing colours!

Elaine Hancock on Leading the way
Nice framing. I like the tall plants in the front. Makes you wonder what is around the corner on the path!

Elaine Hancock on Calmness in the city
I love those huge trees. It would be nice to just sit there and reflect. Nice composition!

Elaine Hancock on Reflections in a pizzabench
Great composition! Nice processing.

Mirjam on Steering the ship
Nice feeling, to see the sea way. Nice composition.

Michael Fresh on A field in Halland, Sweden
A beautiful Summer meadow, and as I mentioned earlier - this could be where I am in England.

Céline on Vintage American convertible
Beautiful colors !

Michael Fresh on Vintage American convertible
I love those old American automobiles, this shot has great strong colours, very nice.

Florence on Vintage American convertible
Looks to be a very nice race red car against that very blue sky. Love the "punchy" contrast of colors here.

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