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Østrupgård castle, Funen | Melby church, Funen | House at Frans Suellsgatan, Malmö | Lilla torget, Malmö, with gas heaters | Upper floors of a house at Drottningstorget, Malmö | Impressive buildings at Drottningstorget, Malmö | Skærbygaard | Modern rooftop | Icy roof | My wonderful iPad | Futuristic architecture at Christianshavns Brygge | Old house at Christianshavn, Copenhagen | The sun rising above brand new appartments | House with two towers, Copenhagen, Denmark | Street lamp in the night | Mosque in central Istanbul | Farm house at the countryside of Zealand, Denmark | Skrea church, Halland, Sweden | Restaurated tower on a clear blue September sky | Passage through Christiansborg in morning light | World's most expensive bicycle stands | Allotment house in south Copenhagen | After the Lill Lindfors concert | Great Belt Bridge in sunset | Esrom monastry founded 1151 | Log cabin detail - Venabu, Norway 10/13 | Log cabin home in the sky - Venabu, Norway 9/13 | Venabu mountain chapel - Venabu, Norway 3/13 | Young and old inspire each other? | New DR Concert Hall, IV - After the concert | New DR Concert Hall, III - Standing ovations | New DR Concert Hall, II - Standing ovations | New DR Concert Hall, I - Just before the concert | Slotsholms channel with mansions - Copenhagen | The Magasin du Nord warehouse of Copenhagen | New cheap flats in Copenhagen | Energy plant II | Former gas container, Copenhagen | Return to Archive

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