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Copenhagen train-bikers | Female bicyclist, Copenhagen | It’s good to have a trailer for your bike | Low ride bridge over high ride road | Red car in hiding | Radar | Frosty antenna | Mast | Train passing | Steering the ship | Spooky lady and the giant | Vintage American convertible | Signal building by Copenhagen Central Station | Sun setting curves | City of bicycles | Touring in a mid 60's Buick Lesabre | Girlish rain cover :D | The vomiting waste container | Blonde with Subaru Vivio T-top, 1998 | Subaru Vivio T-top, 1998 | Delightful ship resting at Göta Channel, Sweden | The Diana ready for leaving the lock | The lock at Söderköping | Motorboat in Swedish archipelago | 44 m long windmill wings on travel | Belt conveyers at a gravel pit | Airoplane winter sunset | Vintage Rolls Royce | Subway at central station with man - Copenhagen | Subway at the central station - Copenhagen | Car tire tools | Return to Archive

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